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Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to SixBurgh 
please make sure your Lombardi trophy is in its upright and locked position  hehehehehehe...

Hey, guess what? 

We won

We got us a six-pack, Baby! 

Okay, so I'll admit it. I'm not a big fan of Ben RustyMcBurger or however the hell you spell his impossibly long moniker. That fact completely puzzles Geo, probably because I really can't say why. I just don't care for him. But I have to hand it to him... he's tough. He did a great job keeping it together through the pressure, thereby keeping the team together and focused. They all gelled as a team and kept fighting down to the last nail-biting, blood-pressure-raising, heart-attack-inducing 35 seconds--in what will be recorded as perhaps the most exciting Super Bowl finish EVER. 

One thing is certain... the Super Bowl is never dull when the Steelers are playing. 

In other 02/02 news...

Yeah... this jagoff saw his shadow... AGAIN! Six more weeks of winter. Dude, you better be scared. You know back in the day, they used to cook your kind after prognosticating. We get another hideous ice storm, and I'm comin' for your ass.


BUMBLE!!! said...

I see you found my Question video and linked it to the side of your blog! Thanks for searching it out and enjoying it. It was a great show, and I did review the show on my blog. I don't blog as much as I should, but I promise to try to do more here and there.

The new songs were great - definitely looking forward to seeing them played as a full band.

Have a good 1!!

Bumble said...

Sorry - wrong account. You can see my blog here: