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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Playing the MeMe Google Game 
or like you need more help wasting time on the internet   

Okay, so you probably know about this game already. The idea is you Google your name followed by a verb, hit enter and hilarity ensues. 

Of course I stole .. er.. borrowed this idea from John and Hank Green... who probably stumbled on it from someone else... who heard someone mention it at a soiree... who saw it on one of those hip 'n happenin' trendy websites... who ran into Kyra Sedgewick at a Hollywood shindig... who is married to, none other than, Kevin Bacon. Thus completing the mystical circle of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. 

Okay, not really. John really stole it from Facebook... who probably stumbled on it from someone else... who heard someone mention it at a blah blah blah... who yadda yadda yadda... Jane!! Stop this crazy thing!?!  

You have to try this. Here's mine:

Murray socialize and will use any excuse to celebrate with friends. (very true)
Apparently Murray also like apples, Iggy Pop and to flirt obviously. Or is it flirt, obviously? (Well... obviously. Duh.)

Murray wants... a Zombie picture!!! (sure, why not) Also Murray wants you to hang up your coat on Phil Cuttance's trophy hangers (not the wire hangers, you neanderthal), AND Murray wants to get married in the nude. (little chilly in February)

Murray loves... to deck out the place with streamers (because it's FAB-U-Lous!!!)

Murray hates... Bruce, and Bruce barely notices!  (*sob* selfish bastard!)

Murray lives... with her three children and sings with a swing band for fun! (scattin' her kids to sleep)

Murray says... I could lose myself in his eyes and his smile. (Aaaah)

Murray asks... to show her drawing, but there is no time left. Then out of nowhere, Murray asks for Kate's badge then pulls a gun!?! (she's quite mad, you know)

Murray wears... a vampire-chic waistcoat and climbs around on a jungle gym to the Eurythmics' "Would I Lie to You". (now that sounds about right)

You can go on and on and on, typing verb after verb, providing hours of entertainment. But trust me. Do NOT type "Eats". Lots of nasty, nasty stuff appears. Or maybe that's just with my name. 

Wait a minute... when I use Geo's name, the foulest things to appear is he eats babies, Twinkies from the garbage and old grey rats while painting houses yellow. 

What the?!? 

Damn! There's some uber slutty chick with my humble moniker. Eeeewwwwwww! That ain't right. Get your own name, Hootch.


Anonymous said...

Dude--Just checked some comments on one of your older posts and noticed that the cryptic little "Type the characters you see in the picture above." word read "milftin."

Whut up wit dat?!?

Ryan said...

Meme's scare me. I'm ok with it because yours was kind of entertaining.

Murray said...

Those verification codes are a hoot sometimes. My friend had to type one that resembled "booty-ass".