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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Saturday Night Live Gem 
or who knew an entire show could be funny... 

Okay, so if you've read my blah blah blog, you know how much I love Paul Rudd. (That in no way means I'm cheating on Rhett) This past Saturday, SNL replayed the episode in which Paul hosted. Surprisingly, there were a lot of funny skits. Usually the humor only lasts for about 35 minutes, then the rest is just... painful. Not so for this show. In fact, one of the funniest things I've seen them do in a long time aired toward the back end of the program after Weekend Update. 

You know I never liked Justin Timberlake, but between this and the "Dick in a Box" bit, I've really grown to enjoy him and his sense of humor. And that Adam Sandberg guy is a stitch. Plus, come on...Few things are funnier than straight Dudes in heels and frocks. Seriously. It's hilarious. 

My only question is...where'd they stash their junk?

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