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Monday, January 5, 2009

Would The Homo Sapien Please Stand Up
or how to go from an Australopithecus to Homo Erectus in five minutes...or longer

(Okay, so I'm only into the blogging thang three months and I'm already cheating...sort of. I know this post and the last should have been one, but in my defense, one posting would have been a long, rambling mess and I would have lost you half way through--you're eyes glazed over from sheer boredom. How that's different from any other entry, I'm not sure. But I'm only thinking of you. Seriously. That's my story. So sue me.)


So (as mentioned) I had lunch with my best friend from college the other day. A mutual college buddy of ours has gotten all nostalgic lately scanning and emailing old photos from various stages of our past. On the way home, we stopped at my house to look through some old photo albums for him to scan and send along.

OHMIGOD!! These pictures are hilarious! We thought we were so styling. Big hair, long side burns, big-assed glasses (trust me, there are photos of big-assed glasses). Seriously. My hair had it's own zip code!?! I actually PAID for that volume. *shudder*

Anyway, after being amused for some time, it was time to get up off the floor.

Holy Crap!

He had a difficult time straightening his pegs from a crossed-legged position. I had trouble unfolding myself from a pretzel shape. When we finally got off the floor, it took a good couple of minutes to straighten from a simian, knuckle-dragging hunch to the full upright homo sapiens we were when we sat down. When the hell did this happen?

Not funny, advancing age. Not funny at all. Wise ass.

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