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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All Hail The Thaw Gods!!  
or what a difference a week makes 

Okay, so today is a banner day, Man! The wonderful winter Thaw Gods have smiled upon us to change the scenery from this

to this. 

Thanks, Dudes! You really did my attitude a solid. Not only are the nasty piles of dirt-encrusted, ice pyramids a distant memory, the temperature is a beautifully, balmy 67 degrees... with sunshine!!


God bless February. There always seem to be a few days in this littlest of months which are warm, breezy reminders of what is waiting around the corner. A little rejuvenator of the spirit. And as those of you who have read my postings from December and January are painstakingly aware (thanks for your patience by the way)... I really, really needed this attitude adjuster. I mean, seriously. I couldn't even stand myself. All the bitching and grousing... Oy! 

And just when I thought the day couldn't get any better... a box was waiting on my doorstep when I arrived home. Not just any box. A Clarks shoe box!!!! 

Are you kidding me!!??!! Sunshine AND new kick-ass, incredibly comfortable, on sale Clarks shoes!! The day could not possibly get any better. They are a thing of beauty. Can I get an Amen from my fellow shoe-lovin' sisters.

But wait... what the? One... Two... Three... Hey! Where the eff is my other shoe? 

If it was any other shoe company I'd be pissed, but it's Clarks. Their service is great. One quick call and the entire matter is sorted out. The rogue shoe has been rounded up and is on its way. 

What a great day!

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