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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! 
or where the f*ck are we, anyway? 

Holy CRAP!!?!

For the last 14 hours we've been having ginormous winds gusting up to ... 92 mph!?! 

92 freaking miles per hour, people. That is like Wizard of flippin' Oz winds! It's so wicked outside today, our county even got a shout out on the NPR top of the hour news report. And there is no sign of any of it letting up any time soon. 

What the eff?!? Did we astrally project to flatter-than-W's-brain-wave Kansas while we slept peacefully unaware. 

The winds were so powerful, I think my Peter Pan hair stretched at least a half inch. No shit. Okay...maybe not, but you get the idea. There was actually a point today in my travels when I could barely open my car door to move rogue trash cans from the middle of the road. Oh and that's another thing... why are people so afraid to pull over and move a big, effin trash can from their lane? It takes like, two minutes. No, they'd rather speed and swerve around it. People kill me. Whatever. Sometimes I feel like the Cosmos' Mom.

On a different note... my missing shoe was delivered TODAY. Wow! Girlfriends, you need to patronize Clarks. Those people are on the ball. 

Well, here's hoping we're all still on the ground tonight. I mean, come on. It's Thursday night. I gotta watch 30 Rock

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