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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Photo #14 
in which this should be blank 

Okay, so I intended to post the following statement today:

"Friday Photo #14: in which I ignore the whole Friday the 13th thing" 

That's it. Nothing more. 

I'd like to say it was because I didn't want to acknowledge the day or some other such piece of bull, but the sad, honest truth is I really didn't have any decent photo in mind to show and I meant to scan some pix I had stashed here and there but didn't get around to and I was just too lazy today to complete anything.

You: But... there's a photo at the top of this post.
Me: Very observant, grasshopper.
You: What gives?
Me: Serendipity.
You: ...Why do you have to be such a pompous asshat?
Me: Hey, hey... there's no need for name calling.
You: Just finish the story... and make it quick. I've got dinner on the stove.
Me: Alright! Jeez.. Don't get your knickers in a twist, Chippie. Have another cocktail, why don't ya. 

So I was driving back from another highly entertaining lunch with my gal pals from the Special K, when I got stopped in traffic on this bridge and saw this through my windshield. I thought it was really cool. And that is why there's a photo today. 

(P.S.: I think there really is something to this whole, scary Friday the 13th thing... First a pipe burst at the doctor's office, I couldn't get an online registration to go through and now Mr. is unable to save my crap. What up, Universe?)

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chad said...

but it was great...nice catch!