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Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Photo #16 
or is it safe? 

Okay, so we're in a Best Western hotel in Hackensack, NJ getting ready to go see Rhett Miller, when Geo walks into the bathroom and says to me, "Soooo... do you think we should be concerned the smoke detector has char marks on it?"

Yeah... burn marks... on the smoke detector... 

Then we notice the toilets, which you can hear flushing through the walls because hotel rooms are paper thin, sound like shotgun blasts when flushed. The whole next morning was one shotgun blast flush fest. It became a joke with us... is it the toilet or real gun fire. You be the judge. Oh, no screams... must be the Urban Fecal Blaster 2000.

So then we notice there is no coffee pot to go with the coffee maker. What's up with that? On the way out we tell the desk clerk about the pot

Geo: Oh by the way, there's no coffee pot to go with the coffee maker
Clerk: You make one cup at a time
G: Yeah, but there is no coffee pot
C: You make one cup at a time
G: But there's no coffee pot
C: Right. You have to use your cup. We took all the coffee pots out because.. wait for it...  people were using it to make drugs.

??!!??? *blink* * blink* We obviously lead a sheltered life.

So, I'm guessing that's why the smoke detector has burn marks on it.

Welcome to Hackensack! Enjoy your stay.  Ka-BOOM!!!

1 comment:

Blind Bat said...

The part which disturbes me is cleaning people should be checking this crap out every day. Doesn't anyone notice? Appanantly you and Geo did!