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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Photo #18 
or why my neighborhood rocks... 

Okay, so instead of posting a photo today I was going to do a link to my first posting which explains how I'm consistently inconsistent...hence the lack of adherence to the whole Friday Photo thingie because quite honestly, I haven't taken any interesting shots lately and I basically  just plain old didn't feel like putting out the effort. I'm lazy that way. Sorry.

But then I remembered this photo taken years ago in our neighborhood (conveniently right outside the liquor store) and thought... Hells yeah, Boobies!!! Yay! 

Okay, so technically it's graffiti therefore vandalism, but could you not laugh out loud at the sight of that? That's funny. FYI it has been cleaned up probably by the author of said message, but it lives on for eternity in our iPhoto Library and now here for your enjoyment.


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