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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Crap 
or attempting to unclog my mental hard drive  

Random Act of Oddness #1:
Okay, so about a month ago I felt like my jeans were a bit too baggy, right. I hadn't weighed myself for about ... oh six months, so I decided to jump on our scale to see what's what. We have one of those sliding weight scales you see in the doctor's office that registers from 0 pounds to like, you know, baby elephant. Anywho, I jump on and slide the weight to my usual starting point, 150 when the lever sinks like a concrete-shoed enemy of the Corleone family tossed in the East River. 

Wha? Cool!

I slide it back to the more palatable 100 pound mark and lo and behold... I've lost 10 pounds! Sweet! Every girls dream, right? Except I wasn't actively trying to lose weight. Sure I needed to drop the excess poundage and I'm certainly grateful for the surprise loss, but ... how the Hell did this happen? I'm stoked to be down roughly two whole sizes, but Geo's all concerned something nasty is lurking in my system. Or maybe he's just not liking my need to buy more clothes.

Random Act of Oddness #2:
Okay, so I'm driving home from yet another PT session when I spot this license plate in front of me: 

Sorry...that makes the 12-year-old in me chuckle

Random Act of Oddness #3:
Today is March 19. Check this out...

76 degrees... on March 19! The last couple of days have been gorgeous, warm, sunny days replete with the return of birds chirping their wee heads off. Aaaah, but this respite from frigid temps is just a tease, for tomorrow it all goes temporarily downhill. 

Oh March... must you always be the Lucy to our Charlie Brown, pulling the football out from under us at the last sec--Holy crap! Look at that dust. I really have to clean my car.

Random Act Of Oddness #4:
Anyone who knows me well, knows when a phrase strikes my fancy I tend to beat it to death. Prime example is the overuse of the  whole "that's what she said" thang. Well ladies and gents, we have a new contender for overused catch phrase of the day. Have you seen the new Hillshire Farms campaign? It's totally retarded, but I'm sure I'll be repeatedly working that tag line into my vernacular as my closing...because, that's how I role.


On a completely unrelated note:
OMG! We're watching last night's Daily Show and Jon & company just ran the BEST clip of some yahoo conservative TV pundit claiming people are so upset with the current administration they are taking to holding revolutionary era "tea party" protests around the country. Further stating they want to ... and I'm quoting here...  "Teabag the White House". 

Yes, you read correctly. "Teabag the White House"  to which Jon retorted, "I don't think 'teabag the white house' means what you think it means" and then manages to work in Dirty Sanchez... Oh just do yourself a favor and watch it for yourself. The fun and games start at :45 in. Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Technically speaking, I think the Hillshire Farms logo needs a comma: Go, Meat!

And speaking of The Office, I think Maya Angelou actually coined that popular catchphrase in her memoir I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings; to wit, this sentence about one-third of the way into chapter 22: "That's what she said."

Jus' sayin'.