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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh My Aching Head
or I have one year to get technically saavy..yeah, right..

Okay, so Mary Ann, Howard, hopefully Geo and I are planning to dive into the quagmire of SXSW next year. As an attempt to get a taste of what to expect, I've been tracking the goings on, schedules... madness via Twitter which has the official SXSW schedule updating every nano second.

OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!???!!!!!!!!

There is SO MUCH of EVERYTHING!! The list of musical acts alone is, like three miles long. And they keep adding to the "Unofficial Music" list every ten minutes. It started off with 1800 acts...who knows how many there are now. They also have this MailChimp site on which you can create a personalized events calendar. I'm thinking this is going to be essential if we have any hope to organize and optimize our band plan.

Of course, someone in our party better figure out how to use this thing before we go or we are screwed...and not in a "that was a fun five minutes" way. I'm guessing taking a Blackberry or iPhone would be helpful, too. Or maybe dragging a 15-year-old, uber computer literate, internet socially hip lad/lass to lead us dinosaurs around is the way to go. But wait.. this is supposed to be fun, right? Oy....

Watch out SXSW... the Flintstones are coming!

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