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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love Sundays...

Okay, so my job is in a 24/7 business and I work weekends. The beauty is by the time things get cranked up at the end of the M-F week, I'm out of the madness being that my off days are Thursday and Friday. A beautiful thing indeed.

The thing about working the weekends is I work the daylight shift so am out of the bat cave with plenty of daylight and evening left to partake in any number of social activities. Naturally I tend to burn my candle at both ends (ouch!) and have performed my duties with clouded-head-syndrome on numerous Sunday mornings. Generally, the pain in the AM has been worth the fun had the night before.

Usually on Sundays, my good bud, Suzette and I indulge in a four course, mircowave-cooked, breakfast of champions--noshing whilst watching the CBS Sunday Morning show. Suzette's been MIA for a while now, so breakfast consists of me foraging for something semi-edible at home like cereal, yogurt or hard-boiled eggs. Honestly, it ain't much fun whipping up grub for yourself and some random casual worker. I miss her.


The best thing about working Sundays is it's a chance to catch up on the important stuff...emails, blog postings I haven't got around to reading over the week, blog posts I haven't got around to writing, reading the newspaper, reading Entertainment Weekly, and phoning folks.

Okay, I don't really do all that stuff at work. That would be wrong. However, some Sundays the programming is just one infomercial after another which leaves a bit of free time. It's those mornings that afford me the opportunity to listen to new musicians on...wait for it... MySpace. (See, I told you MySpace was still useful.)

Today I've been streaming the indie band, Blind Pilot from Oregon and the powerpop Fastball from all-things-music Austin, Tx. I've heard them mentioned on several occasions and decided to give them a listen. They are both EXCELLENT! Blind Pilot has a quieter, ethereal sound where Fastball is a slicker, much more polished, fuller pop sound. I would highly recommend both.

I better brush my hair and get all purtied up. I have a date with iTunes to buy me some of these finds when I get home.

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