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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And Now For Some Truly Sophomoric Humor  
or dude, do you have a license to sell those hot dogs? 

I recognize the last couple of postings haven't been that Ha Ha funny. In an attempt to remedy that lack of literary depth, I present you with a website which will tickle the prostate of your inner 12-year-old boy...   

And, yes. It is EXACTLY what it sounds like.

Dude... Where the HELL is your cup?

And for the sake of being gender fair and balanced as well as keeping with the general theme of today's posting, here's a ditty from my favorite off-her-gourd internet Comics Chanteuse,

1 comment:

Blind Bat said...

holy crap. Again, you have taken the bar and moved it a few feet lower! I'm laughing right now as someone has a site entitled Ackward Boners! Is there a Camel Toe Quarterly floating out there somewhere? And kudos to you for finding this phalic hidden gem. Yes, some pants DO feel good, but the wrestler dude- that's just sick- I wrestled in high school and now I'm gonna take an hour long shower. thanks.