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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday Photo #20 
(Now with double the visual! Hurry. Act now!)

Vacation Time!!! 

Okay, so every other year, my card club gal pals and I venture south to the land of abundant sunshine and salty surf for major bonding and recharging. This is the view from our balcony. Sweet isn't it? We'll be jetting off tomorrow at the unGodly pre-crack of dawn, but should be sipping Ritas, poolside by 1pm. Aaaaaaah.... 

I believe there is a song to go with pretty much every occasion in life. This week's theme song is courtesy of.. who else? My pals, The Old 97's. "She loves the sunset/she loves the cocktail bell..." 

I'll think of you all as we beach, binge and behave slightly improperly. What happens in Marco, stays in Marco. See you next week. Ciao!

P.S.: one extra funny with which to leave you. A headline in this morning's Sports Section read as follows: 

"Yankees working to get Wang on track"

*snort* Classic.

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