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Monday, May 4, 2009

We Interrupt This Mindless Blog For A Special Programming Note..
or stop reading this and go watch CHUCK!!

Okay, so every year the Network honchos in their infinite "wisdom" (see what I did there? I made a funny.) decide which programs to renew and which to toss on the ever-growing heap of broken hopes and dreams. Granted, a lot of what's discarded is absolute crap (remember Caveman?), but for every ill-conceived train wreck of a show there are a number of well-produced, charming programs whose life spans are prematurely cut short due to Network Suits lack of commitment, imagination or foresight. High quality works of entertainment like Pushing Daisies, Arrested Development and Andy Richter Controls the Universe were never given a chance to find their audience. 

This year one of the most satisfying and entertaining hour-long shows Chuck is on the cancellation bubble. To lose this show would just ... blow. While other shows have faltered in their second season, reduced to drivel, Chuck has gotten smarter, wittier and just plain better.  My friend Sassman sums it all up much more eloquently than I. You can read his take on this whole affair here. 

Go it. I'll wait. 

(whistles along to the many tunes in her head)

He's absolutely right about the last six episodes being amazing. I've said it before, this show has something for everyone...action, sexual tension, intelligently written witty story lines, youthful jargon that doesn't get on your nerves or make you feel completely old and out of touch and the most adorable lead character since...I don't know when. All of the characters--lead or lesser--fit...

Oh-oh. Wait a minute... World Cafe is playing the new Rhett Miller single. Must. Sing. Along.... You can sing along, too by clicking here. "Kissing in a classroom on a campus on the coast after hours of analysis..."  I absolutely LOVE alliteration! And it has one of the saddest little lines to  make your heart say ouch, "you tell me that you love me, yet you won't even hug me. So I need to know where I stand..."

Okay, I'm back. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, how all the characters--lead or lesser--fit together beautifully. Each one essential to the whole of the show. 

I mean look at them. They really seem to genuinely like each other.

So enough of my harping. Get in that living room, turn on NBC and watch Chuck as it's airing so the evil corporate suits can register your demographic. Do your part. Don't let this gem of program be cast to the slag heap. Your soul will thank you.  

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