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Monday, May 4, 2009

Okay... I'm a Gigantic Boob 
(and not the alluring, fill-out-your-sweater-and-make-the-boys-drool type either)

So I rambled on and on about supporting Chuck by watching it tonight only to realize (after posting) that last week was the final episode of this season or possibly ever. And by "realize" I mean Geo broke the news (i.e. shattered my fragile ego)  when I was frantically yelling at him to change the channel to NBC. Okay, he didn't shatter my ego--just slapped me back to reality. Figuratively of course. 

Mea Culpa. I throw myself upon my sword of shame and beg your forgiveness. But still, do yourself a favor, NetFlix Season One and then watch Season Two online. 

I'm such a tool...

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