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Sunday, May 10, 2009

They Said What?! 
or accidentally inappropriate statements made on television 

Okay, so you all know by now the 12-year-old in me loves when television people accidentally say suggestive and inappropriate comments on the air. Here are some classics. Feel free to insert your own "that's what she said", because frankly, I'm exhausted. Enjoy.

Referencing a green wedding gown, Tracey Smith from CBS' Sunday Morning show made this statement: 

"Yes... It's a Wang." 

Confused by all the hubbub prior to his eventual Senate confirmation, Roland Burris pleaded for an explanation as to why his nomination was sullied:

"What is the taint?"  

In case you don't get the (w)hole "taint" reference, this Daily Show video should help.

Locally, one of our anchors challenged the weather man for the  lack of predicted snowfall this way:

"Dave, you promised us six inches. What happened?"

I am NOT making this up.

Of course weather men are an enormous source of entertainment. Referring to overnight thunderstorms:

"I couldn't sleep with all the banging going on last night."
"There's some moisture in the Beaver Area."
"Oh boy, we are going to get it big"

Honestly, it's just too easy.

Another legendary anchor made this comment about Pebble Beach:

"I don't have enough balls to play that course."  
(to which everyone in the studio lost it on air)

Another golden oldie was uttered by the original bubble-head, bleached blond...let's call her Beverage. She needlessly explained the absence of her co-anchor this way:

"Good evening. Ray's in the hospital and Jack's off."

And just this past week our new morning on-air recruit trying to ad lib her way out of a story in which a woman claims the letters G-O-D mysteriously appeared on her salami, shared this observation:

"Maybe someone else is putting things on her meat..."

But this may be my favorite because it wasn't utter during an unguarded live moment. It was said in a promo... a pre-produced and edited promo for How I Met Your Mother. After showing Ted and Robin in a post-coital cuddle, the announcer proclaimed:

"All new How I Met Your Mother after a Big Bang"

I kid you not.

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