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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun Websites I've Recently Stumbled Upon 
or space fillers because I've sucked lately at this blog 'o sphere thang 

Okay, so I've been working the evening shift this week--long story involving disabled lists, vacations, Mercury entering Uranus (ouch!). Anyway I haven't been able to concentrate very well lately (could be that whole distracting Uranus thing-she said hole AND Ur-anus) so I thought I'd share a few fun websites I've stumbled on. And by "I've" I mean Geo and David Dye from the most excellent World Cafe radio show. 

Geo was introduced to this hi-larious site via Thrillist. It's where people send in photos of signage with ... unnecessary quotation marks. I don't know what's funnier, the signs or the commentary.

The caption reads and I'm using quotation marks here:
"James got this pizza in Hatfield, England. He says the pizza wasn't that great. And they are sarcastic about the existence of an environment, apparently."

Or how about this one:

"That's right kids, imaginary security starts when you pretend to lock things."

There are pages and pages of this stuff. Enjoy!

You may remember I wrote about Easter candy and my hatred of all things Peeps. Well someone more clever than I has put together a website dedicated to depicting the death of the dreaded and much maligned marshmallow Peeps, one hundred fold. The address is Warning. It does get a little graphic... and it is fabulously sick and twisted!! This one is called "Beating Heart". (again with the quotation marks)

The last site I want to share has nothing to do with violence or stupidity. David Dye from the World Cafe posted this in his daily newsletter. It's a site featuring younger artists like Julianna Hatfield, Josh Ritter, The Avett Brothers, Pete Yorn  and Tegan & Sarah covering Bruce Springsteen songs recorded in various settings. Here's the link.

Here are two of my favorites. Birdmonster playing "Promised Land" in what appears to be their living room and Bouncing Souls performing one of my favorites "Growing Up" in front of a packed concert.

The Avett Brothers performing a more traditional "Glory Days" in their garage is really stellar, too. Apparently there is talk of putting out a CD of these covers. Sign me up!!

One more thing before I sign off and finally take a shower to get ready for work... 


That's right. You knew I couldn't go too long without some sort of Miller mention. My fantasy husband will be a guest on tomorrow night's season finale of 30 Rock. Rumor has it he's playing himself. I'm betting he nails it. :D 

Then after Rhett's network acting debut, at 10pm you can tune your computer to Hit By A Train to listen to a live streaming of his new CD in its entirety. The link is here. You know I'll be tuned in with my full-on obsession. Poor Geo. 

NPR has a great track-by-track interview in which Rhett talks about the origin of/inspiration for each song. Just to illustrate what a talented wordsmith he is, there's a song in which he incorporates the phrase "she's the sum of the tchotchkes she keeps".  Tchotchkes. I love that word. 

Anyway the link to the NPR interview is here

That is all for now. Cheers!

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