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Friday, June 12, 2009

Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley. Give Me The Brandy!


Four and a half months ago, my beloved Penguins struggled to get a play off berth. Now they hoist the coveted Stanley Cup after one of the most exciting games in hockey history. It was a hard fought journey. They played their hearts out. They never gave up even after being down 2-0 in the series. They forced a game seven after a commanding win at home for game six. Thanks to Max Talbot's two brilliant goals tonight, they pulled out a 2-1 victory. 

I jumped... I screamed.... I cried... Our neighborhood exploded with cheers, car horn blasts and firecrackers. 

It's an emotional journey, especially for us fans, but the  boys came through. I'm so proud of them. They've made our town the City of Champions once again. 

And to Marion Hossa who left our franchise to play for Detroit because he wanted to win a Stanley Cup... Dear Sir: You chose poorly.

Lord Stanley's come to play. This summer the party's in Pittsburgh. Elvis has left the building...with a shiny, old cup.

Way to go, PENS!! 

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