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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Photo #24
Thelma and Louise, circa 1991 

Okay, so long ago and far away back in 1991, Beets and I decided to pull a Thelma and Louise--leave our husbands at home, rent a convertible Mustang and head for the beach, namely Wildwood, NJ for some primo girl bonding. We packed our bikinis, Rita fixins, two packs of Newports and headed East to bask in the Northern sun, frolic in the surf and lounge pool side. We were 30 and 31, respectively, thin, vibrant and kinda hot despite the gi-normous sunshades. Hey, it was still basically the 80s--at least I'd lost the perm by then. We were just hitting our stride and had the world by the short hairs.

It was FABULOUS!!! That convertible was the sweetest! Believe it or not, we managed to stay out of trouble while still having some interesting exploits that make me smile to this day. This would be the first of many solo trips to the Jersey shore for me and Beets. Each adventure has deepened our bond of friendship, but this first journey will forever remain the best, the brightest and the dearest to our hearts.

Aaah, the memories. Here's to Soft Bob, water baloons, Harbor Inn karaoke, the haunted house and the "dickler". That's a story for another day.

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