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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twilight Zone Moment of the Week...
or "do do do do .. do do do do"

Okay, so the weirdest thing happened today. My Mom, Big Mar and I were heading back to the car after a scrumptious breakfast at a local diner when this crazy-assed, uber angry woman across the street starts screaming and MF-ing at everyone in general and no one in particular. Her raging rant had something to do with Freaking Men ruling the Frelling world... I don't know. Whatever. Sell it sister like you don't need the money!

Anywho, my car is parked on the Mad Woman of MF land's side of the street. Great. I usher Big Mar north, crossing the street above Her Majesty of Madness, giving this chick a wide berth as we walk to my car parked two spaces in front of her ongoing verbal assault. 

Our journey takes all of two minutes. I help Big Mar into the passenger seat, start to walk to my side of the car, glance back at the corner...and the woman has literally VANISHED. Seriously. Gone. Without a trace. (I never really warmed up to  that show..)


I didn't feel a shift in the space/time continuum, yet there was not one sign this woman ever existed. No car had stopped to pick her up. She was absolutely nowhere to be found. It had to be aliens, right? Surely aliens don't just hang out in empty Iowa fields looking for odd balls Cletuses to abduct. They vacation in actual cities at times to, you know, mix it up. Well how else would you explain it? 

Seriously weird.

On a similar weirdo note, how about this dude...

He wins, hands down, for freak of the week. I can't remember why he was arrested, but really does it even matter. I mean, COME ON! The guy's not just wearing a ladies one-piece... he's sporting boobies there. AND as our anchoress, Sonya pointed out he had the fashion forethought to wear the appropriate racer-backed brassiere to support his man-boobs without those unsightly bra straps ruining his line. I'm not even asking where he tucked the boys.

Ya gotz to love the strangies. Without them life would just be dull.

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