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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deja Vu All Over Again

Okay, so we're getting a new morning anchor team come Monday. The female half of this new and improved, Good-Lord-let-these-people-be-the-ones-to-boost-ratings-and-get-us-out-of-the-crapper set is an anchor on her second time through.

Jen-Jen was the 5pm anchor for roughly 14 years before she decided she had a chance to bust out and go national. She did, but she didn't. So now she's back where she started, but this time working the "Shift of the Damned" with the rest of us peons.

Whether her return will be embraced overwhelmingly by the public at large as to create a seismic jump in our numbers is the proverbial $64,000 question. I wouldn't want that kind of pressure which is why I sit in my cushy chair, pushing buttons. No Atlas I.

Anywho, the new Tom Cat in the scenario is a middle-aged fellow who came to us via West Virgina. Turns out he replaced my beloved KJo in WV when Keith moved to Pittsburgh...and now he's going to be warming the very seat upon which KJo's buttocks had nestled. Okay, not literally the same chair. We actually got new ones. For realz. The tight wads in charge actually ponied up the dough for comfortable seating. Wha? That's madness, you say. I know, right?

Moving on...

And so starts yet another round of changes, which if you've been reading my crap for a while you know how much I hate change especially in personnel I adore. (catch up here)

I have to admit, however I'm going to sorta miss our temporary anchoress. Sure she was a little neurotic and obsessive at times, but you never knew what unintentional gem was going to escape her lips. Without her we would not have such classics as:

"Police still looking for a missing BONER..." (instead of boater)
"I don't want feces in my hair..."

That last one she uttered because she was unaware we were back from break and she was on. Live. On the air. Yeah.

Aaaaaa... Good times. Good times.

Who knows what the climate will be like come Monday. Although Jen-squared is rather witty at times, new guy Rick is a wild card. I have no idea what to expect. I hope he's quick with the clever come backs because Lord knows we could use the levity. Humor's a good thing, especially hours before the crack of dawn when it's pretty much just us watching. Somethings though things go horribly, huh wrong...

Let's hope our new male co-anchor won't bust out a similar mishap right out of the gate this week causing our Jen Jen to react with horror like that poor lass. Although wouldn't that be just awesome? Secretly, I would soooo heart that. Hey, it might even help the ratings.

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