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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What The EF??

Okay, so this past weekend Saturday Night Live did a skit in which Madonna and Lady Gaga perform together. The two divas end up in a pretty entertaining cat fight. However, I kept getting distracted by the obvious plastic surgery Ole Madge was sporting.

Holy Crap!

Her eye tuck is so taught, now she's starting to resemble the elderly Rachel Welch after her misguided dance with the knife. Madonna barely looks like herself any more. Okay, she's still a ringer for that creepy puppet, Madam, but still. Damn! Someone needs to host a plastic surgery intervention for the Material Girl. Did she learn nothing from Jacko?

Please. Someone stop her from tightening her face again!

Check out what I mean for yourself

And another thing. Would someone please buy Lady Gaga some real gutchies. This see-through stuff is getting old especially with her being all hootchie-like and her legs flying up in the air. Her Momma must be so proud.

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