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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sometimes It's The Little Things That Mean The Most
or cheering up a old friend

Okay, so one of my dearest friends in the entire universe was diagnosed with cervical cancer this summer. We were all floored. This news came completely out of the blue.

She was having no pains, just excessive bleeding which generally is cleared up with a D & C. You go into the hospital, get hooked up to some really amazing drugs, take a nap, the doc scrapes the offending tissue away...5 hours later, you're up and on your way home. Simple, right?


Poor Jude had to have an hysterectomy. That's bad enough, but then she had to carry around a wound-vac, vacuum cleaner kinda thingie attached to her gut for a couple of weeks to aid the healing of a 2 inch deep incision.

No lie. A.Vacuum.Cleaner.

It sucks...literally.

The good news is the surgeon removed all of the cancer.

Thank you God. We all owe you one.

The bad news is she has to endure five solid weeks of radiation--that's 25 days worth--and five three-hour long chemo sessions. She's a little more than half way through.

Jude's endured so much over the last five weeks. We decided to try to cheer her up like only her bestest, classiest, loving friends can. So what do you do for one of your beloved twisted sisters to bring a smile (and hopefully a belly laugh) to her world-weary face?

Why you send her a series of irreverent cards signed by some of her favorite off-colored names, of course! The first "hope your vajayjay is feeling better" greeting was from Erin McCooter.

Jude opened this aberrant acknowledgement this morning and immediately called, crying with laughter. Seems we were able to help start her day off in the proper frame of mind.

Mission accomplished. For realz.

Hopefully she'll be equally happy to hear from our good friends Howie Feltersnatch, Anita Cox and that lovely Greek tycoon, Harry Paratestes. They (whoever the hell "they" are) always say laughter is the best medicine. We're shooting for a triple dose for our BFF.

Nothing but the best for you, Judes. We love you!!

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