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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Video In Which To Start Off The New Year

Okay, so Saturday Night Live has been around a long time. I mean a loooooong time. Hell, I was just a pup when it made its irreverent debut. It was so long ago we had to actually hoist our big fat badonka donks off the plaid tweed, flammable polyester, plastic covered couch to change the channel or adjust the volume.

I know. Barbaric, right? You kids don't know how lucky you have it today.

Oh Good God!?! I think I just channeled my Mother right there. *shudder*

Anywho, for the most part I think SNL episodes wear a little thin, especially in the last 30 minutes. They should probably give up the 90 minute ghost and shoot for one hour of comedy stylings. But sometimes Saturday Night Live actually has a gem or two up their sleeve. Here's one such skit from a couple weeks ago starring James Franco. Thanks to my Internet Entertainment Concierge, Jimmy McParkway for the heads up. Kiss Kiss.

It's funny because it is so WRONG. What up with that?

1 comment:

demoncat said...

lol always love the whats up with that bits epsically when the guests can not get a word in. and also loved the look on James franco's face when he figures out something is not right with the wizzles so wrong in a certain way yet so funny.