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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well...It is all about me, isn't it
or still leaving a trail of broken hearts

Okay, so I open up my email, and am greeted by the following note:

Heyy Marie

I'm not 100% positive if I'm still going to pass you this email, though I need to write it or I will go wild....I do not understand how else to write it.. I have a crush on you. been fantasizing about you always and I am petrified to show you my feelings to will know why if you learned who this is. I may regret this another day, although I think I need to tell you now. I posted a hidden blog letter for you it is
secret blog for Marie <
I truely believe I am not making a horrible decision though after planning this I know I have to click Send

Sorry to break your heart, my little English-is-not-my-first-language friend, but my heart belongs to Geo. You'll just have to adore my awesomeness from afar. But thanks for the shout out. Sometimes it's hard to tell if all this magnificent majesty is a burden or a gift.

It is ALL about me, isn't it.


Gary said...

Wait...You mean I actually SENT that e-mail?

Murray said...

Friends don't let friends drunk email. Clearly you need to find better friends. LOL!

demoncat said...

lol at least the one who sent the email has taste in friends and is smart enough to know the love even as a joke is not ment to be since geo has the heart .

~*Jenn*~ said...

Oh that's hilarious! So glad to have you back!!

Anonymous said...

Fine. Mock me. See if I ever pour out my heart to you again.