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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowmageddon Part 2: This Time It's Personal
or how to turn Snowmageddon into Snowapaloosa

With friends by your side, all things are enjoyable.

As I eluded to in the last post, pretty much the entire morning staff was holed up at the downtown Hilton Tuesday night in an attempt to insure we all made it to work and on the air by 4:30am.

Let me throw this out there: TV people are F-U-N!!

I don't know if our goofiness is a mechanism by which to deal with all the horribleness of human nature, boredom or just some "serious" gene lacking in our DNA. Whatever. We're an irreverent lot with the ability to find the twisted humor in almost anything.

That said, we all made the very best of our sleep over Tuesday night.

Once we made sure we all had our overnight bag in order, the real decisions had to be made. First things first, Jill, our Pittsburgh Today Live producer procured two large vats of wine. Score! Beets and I made a run for the essentials...snacks! and lots of them. Double Score!!

Next up, Beets and I changed into our "lounge wear" aka/jammies, headed for Jill and Carrie's room, cracked open the vino...

tore open the feed bags and let the partay begin.

We weren't going to let a little snow stop our fun. What do grown women, loopy on wine do in a snow storm? Why jump on the bed, of course. Warning. Those ceilings are LOW. But, hey. What's a few knots on your head when your amongst friends, right?

A knock on the door and here comes Patty and Brandon. Brandon tried his hand at bed jumping.

Knock, Knock here comes Dickie and Casey to join the festivities and open the second bottle of vino.

Hurry up with the uncorking, boys. We're getting dry over here.

Knock, Knock. Here comes Matt and Dave. The gang's all here now. What do you suppose the weight restriction is on that bed?

Sufficiently buzzed, we decided to get some grub to soak up the alcohol. Obviously the camera was just as blurry-eyed as we were.

How many adults can you fit into a hotel elevator?

We pretty much took over the bar at Max and Erma's for dinner and $3 kick-ass Margaritas.

Dear Menu: Sure I'll have another Rita if you insist.

Jimmy McParkway finally showed up & snapped a shot with me and our jammy tops. Aren't we fetching? LOL!

On the way back we wreaked havoc in the plaza...snowball fight, carousing in the fountain (sorry the photos are really dark)

and snow angels in front of the hotel.

And we all made it to work on time for more non-stop storm coverage... some, mainly me and Beets a little hung over and in need of the brain-cell triggering power of java. Delicious, life-sustaining Toasted Almond java to be exact. Mmmmmmmm... Thanks Crazy Mocha. We owe you.

So to recap. Staying alone in hotel during latest storm of the century... BLOWS. Sequestered in a hotel with lots of crazy work buds during the second hit of the storm of the century... ROCKS!!

And that's how we turned a miserable Snowmageddon into a spectacular Snowapaloosa. As much fun as it was, enough now. I'd rather we all got stranded together at the beach next time.

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demoncat said...

it is said when one is given Lemons make Lemon aid. and strength in numbers makes something like a snow storm of all times and some good spirits and friends more tolerable.