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Sunday, March 21, 2010

And So The End Has Come...

Okay, so it's almost 4am and I am walking dead tired. Seriously. I can barely type coherent sentences.

Today was the last day of our frivolity and we did it up right. And by right I mean we saw a grand total of eleven bands and Margaret Cho tonight and consumed gallons of alcohol. In fact, I'm still buzzed. Thank goodness we waited to until the last day to over indulge.

P.S.: it was f*cking COLD!! Yesterday it was 75 and 45 and winds the velocity to rip your flesh from your bones. Okay, not that bad, but bloody miserably cold. Another good reason for us to imbibe aplenty, you know, for medicinal purposes.

So, here's the long and short of our final day in lovely Austin:

My friend Cindy graciously picked us up from the hotel and drove us north to a burger/beer joint (Dungo's) to hear her music friends and neighbors perform. They are a great bunch of people.

Headed to Rachel Ray's shindig at Stubb's BarBQ. Heard Jakob Dylan (yeah. I've been spelling his name incorrectly. Mea Culpa), She and Him and some wretched rap crap band. Commenced consuming Bloody Marys.

Headed across town to the Belmont to catch the band my fantasy husband produces, The Spring Standards (excellent!)... commenced consuming vodka tonics en masse whilst awaiting said band.

Stumbled into a cab to shoot cross town to scarf a ginormous slice of pizza before Matt Pond PA and Margaret Cho. Chug more vodka.

Flag a cabbie to go back across town to Antone's for the big Alex Chilton tribute at 12:30am. Jim pussied out on us so now it is our duty as friends to make his life hell and mock him mercilessly for bailing on us.

Cindy drove us to an all-night diner for some primo Texas breakfast grub before heading for the hotel.

Band recap for the night:

Brent Adair
Flat Stanley
She and Him
Jakob Dylan
some hideous Sgt. Pepper jacket wearing rap band
Karnivool (a really cool Aussie band)
The Spring Standards
Matt Pond PA
Dwight Twilley
The Postelles
Alex Chilton tribute with Jon Auer, John Doe, Mike Mills, Susan Cowsill, Evan Dando, Sondre Lerche and the WatsonTwins

I have lots of photos and videos to post some time next week, but now I gotta get my ass upstairs, torture Jim and hit the hay. 8am ain't too far away.

It has been a tremendous experience here at SXSW. I can't thank Cindy enough for her hospitality and guidance. Wilma, Betty and Barney made it through unscathed and no one yakked up a lung. Bonus.

Back to the Burgh and realty tomorrow. Austin, you have been awesome.


demoncat said...

look at the adventure as making new memories that you can share for a long time. and you now have an excuse to go back there next year.

Cindy Royal said...

I am so glad you guys had a blast at SXSW, and I always love showing off this beautiful city. Come back soon!