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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aye Carumba! It's Only Friday?!?
or giving up and letting go, in a good way

Okay, so I think we're finally getting the hang of this beast of a festival known as SXSW. Today was the first time we all felt as though we were really rolling with it, not getting uptight about sticking with a plan and basically just letting things happen.

We started off walking to Red River Street to catch a Scottish band "We Were Promised Jetpacks" at the Mohawk. It was a gorgeous day! All sunshine and puffy clouds. We got to sit on the upper a chair, I might add...and listen to the boys with the charming accent rock out.

That done, we mosied down to nosh and see where the winds blew us. Here's a brief list of what we encountered:

I am loving East 6th Street! Let me just throw that out there. L-O-V-E it! There are so many great characters and goof balls. And literally one out of every five people wondering the streets is a musician. You can identify them by their skinny black jeans, equally black dyed hair and tattoos-- not to mention the fact they're rolling their amps and lugging their guitars from one bar to the next. I don't know why, but the site of the lads and lasses transporting their gear in the street among the masses makes me smile. But I digress and I'm slightly incoherent so forgive me...

Fun on 6th Street began with with crowd of tattooed drummer and flailing dancing boys who set up shop in the intersection and encouraged the most adorable three year old boy to join in the fun. It was delightful. Truly was my favorite part of the day. I have video of this that I'll post when I get home.

Got a cosmic head squeeze by a couple of crazy Incan zipper-faced people (photo will follow)

Accosted Banana Man while he was pimping for his band. He showed us his tip... Of the banana suit! Jeez. Get your heads out of the gutter!

Drank free hootch and listened to Luke Ducet thanks to the kind people of Canada. Mary Ann kinda defaced their flag a little, but, you know, they're so nice they forgave us AND gave us more free drinks.

Headed to the Convention Center to hear Jacob Dylan and Neko Case whilst sipping more cocktails, lounging on the most comfy bean bag this side of the universe. The recharge was greatly appreciated.

Took the long way across the river to catch Cheap Trick sing that classic "I Want You To Want Me" and a kicking version of "In The Streets" for Alex Chilton.

How's this for weird coincidence... as we were walking near the river, a couple was walking toward us. No one else on the street, but the five of us. Turns out it was Michele and Jon Auer. She's a Twitter friend and he's in the band The Posies and Big Star. I knew they were coming to SX, but never EVER expected to run into them on some random street. Life is interesting sometimes.

We kinda rolled with things the rest of the evening and found ourselves at the Austin Music Hall getting hijacked by "the funky soul phenomenon" named Sharon Jones. We had every intention of sneaking out after a couple songs to catch RaRaRiot, but HOLY CRAP!! She is amazing! I've heard her songs on the radio before, but no one belts out a song with the power of a locomotive or works that fringe like her. This midnight show was her third gig today and she never stopped. Wow! Thanks to Mary Ann for pushing us to see her.

So, to recap:

Had a great time letting go a little and allowing the current to take us wherever. Drank early and often. Heard great music from We Were Promised Jetpacks, Luke Ducet, Jacob Dylan & Neko Case, Rogue Wave, Cheap Trick, Freedy Johnston, Smoky Robinson and Sharon Jones and the DAP Kings.

It was another rich, full, happy day.

It's very late and this got very wordy. Tomorrow is another early start packed with who knows what. Off to bed for some well earned shut-eye. G'night... I'm so tired you'll have to think of your own witty ending.

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