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Friday, March 19, 2010

Wait. It's Only Day Two?!?
or how much activity can you cram in one day anyway?

Okay, so today was day two of the great Flintstone Texan escapade. There's so much going on here that it feels more like we've been here at least four days already. It has been a blast. Exhausting, but a blast.

Lots of bands today, but first a few more observations from yesterday which I forgot in my sleep-deprived state.

We got lots of swag when we picked up our badges. I mean a TON, which also means we had to lug a TON of free crap around with us for most of the day until we thinned the swag heard by chucking the mags, tags and advert rags. But I'm keeping the condoms for grins. Oh yes I am.

I made the mistake of asking who Roky Erickson was which opened the door for some middle-aged peculiar cat to go on forever about his psychedelic roots and musical history and blahblahblahblahblahblah and omg shut up shut up shut the hell up before I shove this stir stick in my ear!!!!

But he meant well.

Remember the kids from the group Fanfarlo? Well one of them was totally sporting a stick-on porno stache, another was channeling Ted Kazinski only with a pink hoodie and junior the multi-instrument virtuoso was like..13 years old. That said, they were quite the highlight of the evening.

Young people smoke...a LOT. Seriously. A L-O-T.

Now for today's observations and happenings:

Paunchy middle-aged guys should not wear the double pony tail... neither should younger men. It just looks gay, Dude. Even if you are in a band.

It's rather frightening to stand behind tipsy, atonal, erratically dancing white guys while wearing open-toed sandals. Just saying.

An old teetering, drunk guy in plaid shorts chomping on a cigar leaves himself open for ridicule.

Watching Stone Temple Pilots + the sweet scent of ganga = 1993.

Tiny women really can pedal over 500 pounds worth of adults across town in one of those bicycle rickshaws.

Country Joe MacDonald mopily singing about freaking Florence Nightengale will send me running from a room.

It gets flipping chilly at night in Austin in March.

The recap:

Started the day off with oh-so-tasty crepes at a french place. Discovered a new band "The Daylight" at an outdoor party while basking in the warm sun. Saw Frightened Rabbits again (I'm seriously in love with this band). Caught Sondre Lerche perform. Made it in for Nicole Atkins and John Hiatt. Experienced the sheer power of STP. Walked in for Centromatic...walked out three songs later. You already know about Country Joe.

There were several bands we missed like Camper Van Bethoven, Ray Davies, Evan Dando, Lou Barlow... but you know, sometimes you have to make that musical Sophie's Choice. Plus I can't hog all the choices.

All in all a good day. Now I must return to my room so I can continue my torid affair with the hotel bed and its 400 count sheets. Adios.

(p.s.: sorry if there are missing words or misspellings. I'm not proofreading because I'm honestly too tired to care.)

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