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Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Which Wilma Flintstone Reflects On SXSW Day One

Okay, so me, Betty and Barney made it to Austin safely. It's been a rich, full day. It's late... very late, but I wanted to share some observations of our first experience at the Mother of all music fests.

1. lots of hipster doofuses with crazy short-brimmed straw-ish hats, bushy side burns and Elvis Costello eyewear.

2. tons of musicians in their "uniform" of tight, skinny leg black jeans, black leather jackets, black hair, black shoes...

3. generally loads of folks with ample tatoos, pink or green hair, piercings and odd, colorful outfits

4. everyone of these sorts have been very nice.

5. music playing literally EVERYWHERE!

6. drinking commenced early...continued late

7. kick-ass Mexican fare with my bud, Cindy.

8. Musical acts were outstanding! Okay Okkervil River performing with Roky Errickson--not so much, but unbelievable performances by Frightened Rabbit (I'm totally in love with these guys now!), Raul Malo kicking some amazing Tex-Mex mariachi beats and newcomers Fanfarlo laying the crowd out with their arsenal of instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin, trumpet, violin and a freaking clarinet!?!

9. One word AWESOME and exhausting. Okay that's two words, so sue me I'm tired.

We had two more shows lined up, but we've been up for almost 24 hours and our dogs are barking. The spirit is willing...the flesh meh. At least we survived day one.

So adios muchachas. Tomorrow is another day to drink in more music and merry mayhem.

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