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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yabba Dabba.. Doh!
or Wilma, Barney and Betty head for SXSW

Okay, so tomorrow me and my two buds, Howard and Mary Ann leave for the musical spectacle that is SXSW. (Geo, being of sound mind opted out of this particular jaunt.) I am equally excited and overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed because seriously I feel like I have been cramming for a final exam to a class I have never attended. There are a gajillion bands playing...and that's just on the "official" showcase listing. There are another thousand or so on the "unofficial" showcase list.


I have officially slaughtered a small dell of trees in preparation of the four-day extravaganza. Paperless society, my ass!! Friends and other various SX veterans keep telling me to plan, but expect to just go with it once we get there.

Fair enough.

I suspect the consumption of free liquor and food will help stem my tendency to freak. Hell, it's just music, right? Something we don't like we can just move along to the next venue. The good thing is my pals are pretty laid back, and we'll be assisted at least part of the time by my friend and Austinite, Cindy.

Fortunately, the sun is expected to shine all week, heating up Austin to the mid 70s. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... That alone along with the Bar-B-Que will be worth it.

If I can find a computer and am coherent at the end of the evenings, I'll try to post updates of our Flinstone adventures outside of Bedrock. But then again, the less coherent I am the better my writing might be. We shall see.

Now if I can just figure out what shoes to wear and how much to pack and, oh yeah I need these papers, and what about snacks, and....

Pray for us.

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demoncat said...

you should not worry for just think of the adventure and the stories you will have to tell after wards.