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Saturday, March 27, 2010

SXSW Video/Photo Wrap Up (part one)
(now with extra bacon)

Okay, so I've been a slug all week. I realize these videos/photos/observations are old news now, but I couldn't muster the energy to get on it earlier. So sue me...I'm old now.

Anywho... turns out vacationing with Jim and Mary Ann is easy-peasy. They are great travel compadres--very low maintenance and very easy going, especially if there is lots of bacon involved.

As the sign suggests, the genesis of all good things in life... is bacon. Sadly, we never got around to trying this treat.

All the unending hours of prep, pouring over the band lists day after day paid off. Even though there were some bands we never got to see (RaRaRiot, Damnwells, Those Darlins, Waco Brothers) we did one hell of a good job managing our entertainment. The only decision I might change if I could jump in a Hot Tub Time Machine is bail on Stone Temple Pilots after four songs and high tail it back up the street to catch Ray Davies. Although I was able to get this groovy rock 'n roll photo at STP.

One regret in four days is pretty damn good, I'd say. Especially considering this was our first megalomania festival.

Canadians are the sweetest group of people on Earth! They let us deface their flag for grins AND gave us extra free drink tickets.

Oh Canada... we stand on guard for thee... and your freebie cocktails!

Surprisingly, I like the Blues. Who knew? Well, let me clarify that... I like watching Sharon Jones and the DAP Kings sing the blues. I admit I was a bit hesitant to stay to see her because I kinda had my heart set on seeing RaRaRiot and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart across town, but once she took the stage by siege I was hooked. The midnight show was her third performance that day, but you would never have known it. Her voice was powerful and clear and she did not stop moving. The energy was incredible.

And boy can she work that fringe!! Once she takes off her shoes and earrings--Look Out, Baby! Big-Time Fun.

Big ole bean bag squares are as comforting as a bear hug when you've been hanging in the heat, listening to music and imbibing more than your share of free vodka.

Sondre Lerche is adorable. He's so tiny and elfish you just want to carry him around in your pocket.

Ditto with Zoe Deschenal! At one point she pulled out an adorable miniature guitar. To which a young girl in front of us made this hilarious comment "Oh, come on! Could she get any more adorable? What's next, is she going to pull out a puppy?"

My fantasy husband's side project, The Spring Standards are really, really good!! Not surprising since he's involved, but still really good! The lead, Heather, is crazy talented...juggling playing the keyboard AND drums in one song.

I think I'm in love with those Scottish lads, The Frightened Rabbits. Seriously. Okay. They have not usurped Rhett's reign over my heart and soul, but still... LOVE them. We saw them twice and I would have been ecstatic to see them all 28 times they played during the week, but you know, I was with friends and it would have been uncool not to share decision making. But seriously. I would not have tired of them.

I admit I wasn't that familiar with Alex Chilton who passed away during the SXSW week. Aside from the theme to That 70s Show (In the Streets) and a mention in a Replacements song, I was completely unfamiliar with him and his work. The concert Saturday night was a wonderful tribute to this man who never reach a level of notoriety he felt he deserved, but who influenced countless musicians. To make that sort of impact on others...that's worth something, don't you think? That has more lasting value than fame and fortune.

John Doe playing "I'm In Love With A Girl"... I actually recognized this one.

Evan Dando

The finale of perhaps his most memorable song, "September Gurls"

There are more videos on YouTube by me and others with much better, clearer equipment. Also my friend Cindy has an entire string of terrific postings on her blog, including some amazing photos of Courtney Love and Hole.

I said "Hole" (tee hee)

The first thing I think of when I see this photo of Cindy's is "Good Lord. I hope to Hell she remembered to wear her gutchies."

Have fun searching.

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Appreciated the Courtney link. (Is it just me, or has she had her nose done?) I do like me my Hole--and my Courtney.