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Saturday, March 27, 2010

SXSW Wrapped in Bacon (part two)
this time it's photogenic

Okay, so the last post was all about the videos, mainly. There are a bunch of random photos I'd like to share from our time in Austin.

There were loads of great signs and shirts and hipster doofi adding to the general fun and frivolity that is SXSW. So in no particular order, here we go!!!

Breakfast of champions consumed pretty much every day...multiple times a day. Hey, don't judge. Tomato juice is a breakfast drink.

Groovin' Baggage Claim

Colorful double mohawk man

molesting the Banana Dude

Queens of the Free Beers! (our band name)

Oooo. Pretty.

Pretty, Part Deux

Um.. Hello... Fajitas.

Hangin' in Toilet Town (perhaps it was the Fajitas)

Cupcakes... with a "happy ending"?

Wait...what? When did we go to the Furries Convention?

Mystical-Crazy-Zipper-Face-Inca Head crush

Okay Okay. Relax. Take your Ritalin, Dude.

Hey! I'm standing right here.

I'll drink to that!

Baby's first encounter of the Hipster Doofus kind

Buy me lunch first, Sailor?

Empirial Storm Troopers digging the scene

Clearly this man's answer is a resounding YES!
(that reminds me of a joke: my tight pants are like a cheap hotel--no ball room)

And here is my absolute favorite sign from SXSW posted on a website:

It was enormous fun. But now it is over. And so it goes.

1 comment:

demoncat said...

lol love the signs espiclaly the fajitas requiring a trip to toliet land. and also love the crown on you for your queen of the beers one. as for that one sign what does the one who wrote it think blogging is if not some one writting down their thoughts even by typing.