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Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend Rhett Fest 2010 (Part Deux)
in which I am a complete girlie gushing a-hole

Okay, so after witnessing a spectacular 33 song concert by one of the best entertainers ever, we packed up our crap and headed south to Annapolis, MD for part two of our festival of all things Rhett Miller.

We've never been to the Cadet Capital, and were really impressed by its beauty. I love harbor towns. They're so charming and quaint. Besides I'm an Aquarian--I'm drawn to water. We stayed at a B & B in State Circle which ended up being literally two blocks away from the club. Perfect. We always prefer being walking distance from bars. It allows us to over imbibe if we so choose with no risk of, you know, mowing someone over with the car.

Anywho, after walking about, drinking in the ambiance and such of the marina--OMG! there were so many great dogs and babies... lots and lots of adorable babies. I'm in some kinda weird I-heart-all-babies-and-dogs phase...could be my age...could just be the alcohol--we headed over to the restaurant for a pre-dinner cocktail.

And it was powerfully potent!! The barkeep was deliciously heavy-handed on the hootch. By the time we went inside for our meal, I was slurring a bit.

One drink and I'm slurring?!? What the? I think I'm slipping. Clearly, I need to practice more.

Moving on...

So Geo and I are sitting around waiting for our food when my loving hubby looks up and says "Oh, hi Rhett."

*blink* *blink* Wha...?

Lo and behold, there's the lovely blue-eyed one and Mike standing in front of us. Apparently I walked right past them on my way back from the ladies. I didn't even see them, which is probably a good thing because I'm sure I would have made a complete monosylabic, moronic arse of meself, what with the whole I'm-tipsy-and-can't-feel-my-face thing that was going on with me at the time.

So after hugs all around (as you know by now, I hug..I like to hug...I'm a hugger), Mr. Wonderful sweetly asks us if we'd like to request a song for the set list.

Um.... Hellz to the YEAH!!

How cool is that? We both throw out titles and Sr. Miller graciously notes them. We yakked a bit more, then off they went to whatever mysterious holding pen performers retire to prior to taking the stage.

It was really kind of him to ask for a request. I remember the first time we saw him in Hoboken, he was just standing around at the bar talking to a fan when I mustered up the courage to go over and speak to him. After a brief conversation, he asked if I wanted to suggest a song, which I did--the lovely Sweet Thing, Pine Bluff...

I remember being so excited when he played my song that night. I felt so special. He even shared an entertaining story to go along with it. Just another one of the reasons I find him so dear. It's such a small gesture-asking for a request, but it goes a long way towards cultivating adoration in one's fan base.


Oh Lord. I'm making myself gag with the gushing. But I can't help it. He is kinda perfect, especially when he's being darlingly awkward. Sorry. I can't stop. It's a sickness.

OHMIGOD! You would not believe the flurry of chatter their little visit caused after they left. The two tables around us were just all a twitter. The conversation with our surrounding dinner mates went on for quite a while. I totally understand. If that interaction with Rhett and Mike happened around us, I would have totally jumped into a conversation with those lucky folks, too.


We took our seats against the wall behind where he would be standing. The Ram's Head On Stage (which oddly had no ram's head on the stage) is the polar opposite of John & Peter's. It holds around 300 people. The ceiling is high, the room is big and airy and Dude, there was no smoking. YeeHaw! Plus no crazy-ass screaming man in glass.

The opening act was a young band from Brooklyn called Eyton and the Embassy. They're a pop band with a sound at times similar to Ben Lee. Good compliment to Rhett's music.

After the break, Rhett quietly took the stage and hit the ground running with a raucous rendition of "The Fool". I'm always surprised that no one introduces the headliner at these little clubs. It seems odd to me that the musician(s) just sort of amble up on stage unannounced and have to get the audience's attention by strumming a chord or two.

The crowd was terrific, completely into the show. Again the mood was light and playful, lending to a fabulous rapport with the audience and a bounty of brilliant banter. At one point a fella in the back screamed that sitting sucks. Our quick-witted crooner tossed back an hilarious rift of ribbing. He's getting really good at that. Perhaps stand-up is in his future.

Interspersed in the evening's 22 song set, four song encore were the three songs we requested... "Point Shirley" and "Murder or a Heart Attack" for Geo; and perhaps the sweetest tune Rhett has ever penned, "Lashes" for me. Plus he dishes some more with the anti-sitting man.

Somehow he spotted us in the audience and gave us a little nod of recognition after each one.

*Major SWOON*
(Sorry. Doing it again. I really can't help it.)

Did you see that at the end there? That glance...that was for Geo.

One young woman in the audience tweeted hearing Rhett Miller sing "Question" in French changed her life. Yeah. I can understand that. I got bit bad after our first concert. Now any day I get to stand in front of him (or to the side of him) and watch him sing is a pretty damned terrific day.

That's us standing behind her while she's having her moment with the man of the hour.

Oh and hey.. check out this photo Geo snapped while we were waiting around after the show. See. I'm not the only one who can't control the urge to kiss on him.

You go, Girl! Ha Ha!

He is such a great sport, and so nice about it all. He gets the equation, you know. Kindness + graciousness + accessibility = unwavering loyalty from fan base. That little extra effort and the love comes back to him tenfold.

Alright..enough the icky talk...back to the videos. Here are some other fun moments from the Ram's Head show.

Cadet talk and "Too Far To Care"

A great bit about Good Friday before "No Baby I"


One of these days I would love to plant our asses on a bar stool next to him, crack open a bottle of Jameson for him--Stoli for us and spend an evening just shooting the shit about anything and everything. Would that not totally rock, or what?


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steph said...

Great posts about your Rhett shows! Thanks for sharing my moment with him, too. Ha ha! Um, in addition to tweeting that hearing Question in French changed my life, I actually told him that, too. Thankfully, he is so gracious and probably used to dealing with stammering, giddy women. He kindly acknowledged that he saw the tweet Was that really a week ago? SIGH!
Your husband sounds like a great guy! So fun that you two trek out to his shows - and I agree; I prefer that he stay on the east coast so we can see him regularly!