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Friday, April 9, 2010

Today On A Very Special Friday Video
or a tearful goodbye to an old and loyal friend...

Okay, so last night was the last regulation season Pens game in our arena lovingly known as the Igloo. A knew, more swanky yet less distinctive ice arena is being built right next door. It will have all the newest bells and whistles, up-to-date technology and the coveted money-making luxury boxes that all teams crave these days.

But it won't have the heart of our shiny-domed Igloo.

The arena was the first structure in the country with a retractable roof. I was lucky to be there many evenings when the ceiling quietly split opened, revealing the sparkling gem that is downtown Pittsburgh. I was hoping they'd open it one last time before dismantling this unique structure and tossing it on the scrap heap. Playoff season isn't over yet, so maybe...

Yes, the home of our Boys of Winter is old by today's standards (40+ years) and perhaps it has outlived its money-making usefulness, but it is one-of-a-kind, unique and just plain cool. That's gotta be worth something, right?


Sometimes society doesn't treasure the simple beauty in front its face.

I know it's stupid to get all teary-eyed over a building, but I'm one of those people who humanizes inanimate objects. I get attached... for whatever stupid reason. And it breaks my heart to see this structure go. I mean, come on! It's shaped like a freaking igloo, for Pete's sake... in what more perfect building could Penguins play? But alas, "progress" gets the last word. And so next year we will christen the new sparkling diamond, Consul Energy Arena.

Yeah. That has a catchy ring to it, huh?

That metal structure was home to a lot of proud hockey memories...

So thanks for everything, dear Igloo. For Mario, for Sid, for three Stanley Cup Championships, for the breathtaking view of our city... for feeling like home. You will always occupy a soft spot in my heart.

We shall miss you Old Gal.

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