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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Video #...whatever (who gives a flying ef)
or Another reason why I LOVE playoff hockey

Okay, so I was at the gym today... yeah. me. at the gym. I know, right? Don't laugh. Sometimes I actually make good on my promises. Anywho...

So I'm at the gym and I see this video on SportsCenter. You gotta love hockey fans. A couple of Canucks fans dress in green spandex and taunt the losers in the penalty box. (P.S.: click on the video to watch it in its full HD glory on YouTube)


First of all--green pubic, er... I mean public... that's hardcore, Dude not to mention Hi-Larious! This is just so wrong, that it is completely right. The Cat doing the Mary Lou Retton handstand just KILLS ME!!

And people think Penguins fans are intense.

Long live the green men! Oh and Let's Go Pens!!

1 comment:

demoncat said...

wonder which was the worse penalty for the player being in the box with one of of the suits with a clip board or the fans dressed in green taking pleasure in showing the player who they are for by parading by him in green.