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Monday, September 6, 2010

Guess Who's Turning the Big 4-0? 

No not him! Although I loveloveLOVE me some Paul Rudd, with or without boxers. :-)


Yep. My adorable fantasy husband is launching into a new decade, and it looks FABULOUS on him!!

Some people freak out about turning 40, you know, like suddenly you're feeble-minded, decrepit and unable to chew your own food. 

Oh hooker, Pah-lease! That could not be further from the truth. 

As one who bid a tearful farewell to 49 this year, I can tell you truthfully 40 is the start of the prime of life. It's the beginning of the best years of your existence in this mortal coil. You're still young, vital and physically able to cavort like a 25 year-old, while gaining the emotional confidence to start knocking those monkeys of self-doubt and self-inflicted turmoil off your back one by one, lightening your spirit and enabling your soul to soar. It's empowering. Look at Murry up there. He's in his forties and he can still kick ass on stage with the best of them. 

Of course Rhett doesn't have a grey hair on his head and barely looks 30. I mean, come on. Look at him. He hasn't aged at all. Somehow I think the perennially youthful Mr. Miller will be jumping off Philip's drum kit, shakin' his booty and belting out Barrier Reef for decades to come.  

So, in celebration of the anniversary of the day of your birthing, here's a birthday kiss... 

and a virtual bottle of Jameson with which to toast the start of your next chapter. 

Hold on to your hat, BABY! You're life's about to get even more awesome!!


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