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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Which Sid the Kid Becomes A Man For All Sports Teams 

Okay, so by now you all know how much I love hockey. I don't just love Woody Allen would say, I lurve hockey!! It's the only sport whose return I long for. Besides it's pretty much the only thing that makes winter in the northern quadrant bearable.

As a Pittsburgher, if you love hockey you gotta LOVE Sidney Crosby. I mean, come on! The man's a machine! He's like a freaking Super Hero on blades! And oh-so much fun to watch. Even if you don't love the great sport of hockey, you have to admit Sid's something special with a capital "S". Not to mention the whole outstanding hockey butt thing he's got going on... Or the luscious lips that are perpetually red... Or his sweetness factor... or his general hawtness... or... oh you get the idea.


That said, he did this at PNC Park today:

I ask you, is there anything this Adonis can't do? Perhaps the Pirates should sign him up for next year.

Only four weeks until the season starts! Woopty Doooo!!

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