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Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Which Sometimes the Generic Star Readers Are Spot On

Okay, so basically I think astrology is solely fun entertainment. Yes some people's personalities parallel the vague characteristics of their astrological sign, but on the whole the readings hold no weight, especially the daily star charts.

Generally I consider myself a relatively level-headed person. I try not to overly fret about things I can't control and to look at the world through positive eyes. 

I swear I heard Geo do a spit take just now. Maybe I'm deluding myself. He would know if I'm full of shite. He does live with me. He gets to deal with the brunt of my collective neuroses each and every blessed day.

Lucky him.

Anywho, yesterday I fell into a rather inexplicable dark funk. I started the day off on a cheerful note, but then as time ticked by I was filled with self doubt, self loathing and the worst "self" of all, that horrible, whiny misanthrope, self pity. She's absolutely hideous! She made me her bitch. I felt like a hack, a sham, worthless.


I'm not usually like this--thank God. I was so low, even the most limber of circus geeks couldn't limbo under my self-esteem pole. No amount of encouragement or niceties uttered by friends and family could mollify the miserable crazy woman who was now homesteading in my ego, rendering me inconsolable.

I know... Waaa Waaa Waaa.

So you're wondering what the hell this has to do with Astrology, right? Every day I get my horoscope in an email. This is yesterday's which I only read this morning.

Friday, Sep 17th, 2010 -- It's not easy to receive compliments today because you aren't completely convinced that you really deserve them. Unfortunately, you might confront memories that feed your low self-esteem now, no matter how much appreciation comes your way. Stop resisting the inevitable; open your heart and let the love in without hiding behind layers of doubt.

Holy Crap!! Could this have been more accurate? Spooky.

Eventually I was able to "open my heart and let the love in"... the love of completely bawdy, 12 year-old boy humor, that is. Luckily for my psyche, we had Louis CK's "Shameless" on our DVR. Watching him prattle on and on for a full fifteen minutes about a bag of dicks pulled me from the dark side. He's one sick bastard, and I thank him and his twisted humor with all my heart.

Here's a link to the hilarious travel day episode from his FX series. This ep had me in tears! Anyone who has traveled quite a bit will have coffee shooting out their nostrils. Enjoy!

(If you can't watch the video below try this link to hulu here. Or on Fx here. Look for "Travel Day")

I'm still not certain where all the drama came from. Could be the dreaded hormonal imbalance moment. Could be the DTs from lack of vodka after vacation. The first I can't do too much about. The second... well, I can get right on that one.

So, to recap: I can be a maudlin mensch at times. Sometimes horoscopes are eerily spot on. Louis CK's incessant penis pronouncements clearly have healing powers.


steph said...

So next time you're feeling blue, I will not offer words of encouragement. Instead, I will tell you to suck a bag of dicks?

I'm so happy that I know you and that you're back to your cheery self!

Murray said...

Yep. Because I'm classy that way, darlin'.