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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm Rich, BiYatch!!!
or Mrs. Chang Ming is my new BF Effin' F

Okay, So the other day I got the following email:

Dear Friend,
I have decided to donate what i inherited from my late husband to you to help 
the poor and needy. I am Mrs Chang Ming from Hong Kong. I am 63 years old 
woman. I was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer for about 2 years ago and i have 
few months to live according to medical experts. 

I want you to help me collect and use my US$9,000,000.00(Nine million United 
States Dollars) in the bank to help the poor and needy before i die. 20% of the

funds should be taken by you for your work and time.
Get back to me so that i can give you more details
Mrs Chang Ming

That's right, losers. My new best bud, Mrs. Chang Ming is GIVING ME 20% of $9mil, which is like 18 or 1.8 something something... Oh Hell, I don't know. Do the math yourself. Alls I know is it's got a ton of zeros at the end and that means...  

Woo Hoo! So long, Suckers!!

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mohdhafifi said...

Come here from Malaysia