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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Raul To The Rescue
or a much needed distraction of the Tex-Mex variety

Okay, so Friday was an incredibly horrible day. Between worrying about Regi's safety, watching horrifying videos of unfathomable devastation and crying for a good portion of the day, I definitely needed to wash my brain of the prior 24 hours' events, even if it was for only an evening.

What better way to push the pause button and escape reality than through effervescent live music. Enter Raul Malo.

crammed in a comfy corner with my buds

Three friends and I had planned to see Raul (I call him Raul. We're tight now since Sheila and I accosted him after the show.) for months now. Even though I felt a little guilty enjoying myself while halfway around the world my niece was unsure whether she had a home to return to, I knew I had to go for my own sanity. He and his irresistible Tex-Mex mariachi music could not have come to town at a better time.

accosting mr. malo and his oh-so-soft beard
p.s.:all charges were dropped

When Raul took the stage accompanied by a young man with an accordion, I knew it was going to be a festive night. There's something about an accordian properly played that just screams FUN, especially when there're cocktails involved.

He started off slowly with a couple of 40s classics. After the second song, he quipped about preparing for his next career singing in ethnic restaurants in his later years before crooning Le Vie En Rose and O Solo Mio.

Then he busted out the Tex-Mex and it was a PARTAY!!

Everyone was hooting, clapping and singing along, because honestly, who can possibly sit still when that child is wailing on that accordion with an infectious Latin beat. Go ahead. I dare you to sit still.


I'm bopping in my seat just listening to the above video as I write this drivel. The rest of the evening continued on a light, bouyant note with the crowd having more and more fun with each offering. At one point a lovely middle-aged woman dressed to the nines in her slinky black dress stepped on stage to give him a big ole kiss of appreciation which he graciously accepted. And why wouldn't he? She was kinda hot for a middle-ager.

After a rousing encore, Raul stuck around to chat, sign whatever and take photos, thus enabling us to, you know, invade his personal space. A fun time was definitely had by all involved.

I will be forever grateful to him and his musical gift for giving me the opportunity to push the madness of the day's events into the back corner of my mind for those few precious hours.


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