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Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Which Weirdness Rules The Week

Okay, so this week was filled with weird... both good weird and bad, scary, crap-your-pants weird. First the let's-curl-up-in-a-fetal-position weird.

An F-2 tornado touched down in the area. :-O

You read correctly. A tornado. We don't get those around here. Microbursts, yeah. But a full-fledged tornado? Holy CRAP!! The offending funnel cloud(s) landed a county over, but still...

A farging 120mph F-2 tornado touched the EFF DOWN!!?!

This misguided child managed to film the twister right before it settled in on his street.

Can you imagine how freaked his Mother was listening to him on the other end of the phone? I believe he's fine, short of having the BeJesus scared out of him. Oh and being ridiculed mercilessly on YouTube for his self-publicized freak out. This one is priceless for all my Burgher friends who speak Yinzer.

YouTube giveth. YouTube taketh away.

I don't know what's more frightening, watching a twister form across the highway on which you're driving or the fact that this Cat's operating a camera while cruising along the interstate at a healthy 60mph clip.

The tornado's erratic path ripped through the High School grounds and randomly demolished homes in nearby neighborhoods causing roughtly 4 million dollars in damage. You said it, YouTube Dude...we aren't in Kansas anymore.

Me? I was trapped in my car, in the driveway when the skies turned an unholy shade of green and Mother Nature opened up a world of hurt in the shape of quarter-sized hail, pelting the earth along with my poor little Rita. Not wishing to incur a concussion, I stayed put for the duration of the outburst.

Man, that was LOUD! Like ear splitting loud. So loud you couldn't hear me screaming inside the red candy shell of a car like a little girl being chased by wolves...and not the yummy, Alcide kind either.


 I thought for sure there'd be pock marks all over our Vibe(rator).


Moving on...

The good weird of the week came at the hand of our goalie, Marc Andre Fleury. My beloved Pens won the match against the aptly named NJ Devils in dramatic, shoot out fashion when our newly acquired Dallas Star, James Neal bounced one in off the post to score the lone point of the game.

Dear Dallas Stars: Thanks for Mr Neal. He's becoming
the King of the Shoot Outs

I don't know how they're doing it, but the boys are holding their own despite the fact our star players, including the one and only dreamboat, Sid are all limping along on the disabled list.
Mmmmiss you, Dahlink!

We need just one point to clinch a playoff berth. Love those guys!! P.S.: Sid has started skating again. A present from the hockey Gods... and the good rehab folks at UPMC.

But I digress. The weird component to this long, rambling, assinine story isn't that our battered boys keep beating healthy teams, it's that this is the fourth consecutive year that Fleury has had a shut out on March 25th. Four shut outs... four years in a row... on March 25th.
The Flower says, "NON!"


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Julie Strehle said...

Thanks for posting the videos of the tornadoes. I was upset when they took them off YouTube. I grew up in Jeanette so that really hit close to home (pun intended). I remember the tornado that ripped up Greengate road in the late '80s (?) I've never been so scared. The sky turned green that day too.