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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Video Funny
or dogs are da bomb, yo!

Okay, so I'm late to the party with this, but there's a YouTube channel called Talking Animals that takes video of critters and creates dialog like this one entitled "Ultimate Dog Tease".

This video reminds me of my friend's dog, Coco. He's a Collie/Shepard mix who's a licensed therapy dog. Coco is super sweet and very well behaved. He's learned several tricks which he does willingly, save for one... Rolling.

He seems to HATE it. With ever fiber of his being.

Every time Heidi commands him to roll, Coco will stare at her, bark his ass off while reluctantly rolling. Every time he does this. So naturally, we make him do it every week. His anguish is our amusement.

We're dicky like that.

We imagine his barks translated into grousing like, "Why do you ask me to do this? You know I hate this. Dammit, I am not your trained monkey. Okay, I am but I hate this. I'll jump, sit, even weave through your damn legs, but why WHY must you mock me with this rolling thing? It's humiliating. There better be a bloody biscuit in it for me."

Oh, Coco. You crazy dog. Give it up.

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