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Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Which I Realize How Quickly Three Weeks' Time Can Pass

Okay, so my darlin' Regi returned to America for a much-needed respite from her life in Japan. She arrived the night before Easter, and held up quite well during the festivities in spite of her massive jet lag.
Regi and her incredible Dork of an aunt
And Dude, it was soooooo good to see her!!!

So much so, I think I hugged her for an hour straight. Okay, I exaggerate, but I held her in my meaty arms long enough for her to think "Holy Crap! Is this freak ever going to let me go?!"

The great thing is she was just as excited to see all of us. Whoddathunkit. She actually missed her country of origin and the people residing within it. No shit.

I had the added bonus of getting to spend an entire day with her doing whatever she wanted. First we headed to the North Side to take in the Burgh's premier contemporary museum, The Mattress Factory to frolic amongst the Awt.

acting like dorks in the black light infinity room

"I think you got a little spot right there...
and there... and Oh forget it."

"hmmm... why does this smell like ass?"

assaulting the awt

Reg in a cage
(we kinda broke some of the gumbands. shhhh)

Rubix chapeau

The museum has clearly inspired others on that particular street to express themselves artistically.


me want
This has to be one of the most colorful buildings I have ever seen, lending welcomed whimsy to a not-so-great area. How could your spirits not be lifted by this display of eclectic excess?

We noshed on some pretty fine Italian grub at a local haunt before taking in another North Side attraction, the Warhol Museum. They were having a special exhibit of all of Andy's (in)famous cinema verite rolling simultaneous on numerous screens in one room while all of Andy's television escapades played out on 13" TVs neatly lined up like a classroom in an adjacent room.

His stuff is what it is. Whatev. The most enjoyable part of that museum remains the room of floating Mylar pillows. Always smiles and giggles emanating from that room.
stealthily snapped whilst the guard was blissfully unawares

Oh and then there's the gift shop with such high-brow stuff as this
it says c**k. heehee
I know what a certain KJo is getting for Christmas...
Good times...

Geo joined the Regi time at dinner that night for sushi and green curry, then again two nights ago for more outstanding Italian food consumed al fresco on a gorgeous summer-like eve.
hanging on the patio
noshing, drinking, talking n'at

we love you, man
We shared our food, wine and thoughts about life. Regi's matured quite a bit in the short time she's been working in Japan. She's all grown up with very sound, adult opinions and astute observations, yet she still maintains her youthful playfulness. She's very responsible, but fortunately the responsibilities haven't crushed her delightfully light soul. She's open and accepting of all peoples and cultures. She remains an absolute joy to be around.

I LOVE her at this age!!

With her we can now speak freely, swear freely, drink freely. We can basically be ourselves, warts and all. We're friends as well as relatives. The best part is she seems to enjoy our company, too. We had such a wonderful time with her over these past fleeting weeks.

Last night Geo and I went over to my sister's house to spend a final few hours with Regi on her last day in America. At one point I looked over at her sitting in the corner of the couch, her leg extended, rubbing her faithful dog's belly for perhaps the last time, when suddenly she was sixteen again.

And my heart felt full.

Like a solar panel, I wanted desperately to store up the warmth and essence of that moment to draw upon during the cold void of her absence.

And now she's gone...

But this time we know she won't be in Japan forever. :-)

I'm so proud of her. It takes a lot of courage to fly halfway around the world to follow your dream. Going to Japan is something she needed to do, otherwise she would have spent her entire life second-guessing her decision, regretting her choice and romanticizing how much happier she'd be if only...

No, she needed to go. She needed the distance to realize her heart belongs to America.

And that makes us all happy.

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