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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Staring The Scary Age Monster Square In The Face
or a juvenile joins the ranks of adulthood

*snort* NOT!

Okay, so today is the anniversary of my birth. To be specific, it is the 50th anniversary of my birth. I know, right? Crazy. Me? She of the 12 year old boy potty humor... 50!?!

Fortunately I had the help of my wonderfully whack friends and work mates to help usher me across the enemy decade line to the land of AARP discounts, early bird dinners and the perpetual left turn signal in style and sophistication.

Ah, screw it. If you can't laugh at yourself and enjoy being an idiot...what's the point, right?

The day all started with cawffee at Heather's

And ended with cake

Holy Crap! Is that a big enough piece of cake, or what?! Seriously.

Forthwith is a small pictorial of the random crap that happened in between:

The Morning Gang (just how many TV types can you jam into a viewfinder?)

Abusing the visage of my dear KJo

A plethora of platitudes and aging attitudes

some of my work partners in immature crime

Fun with our Mascot, Todd the Frog *slurp* (please don't call PETA. he likes it, I swear.)

Me and my old college chum, Martan, smashing faces. I don't know why. It's what we do.


After all the abuse, Todd the Frog has a well-earned cocktail

You just knew SOMEONE was going to be a smart ass

Shrimp got your tongue? (see how mature aging has made me)

"I crush your head"

a portrait of a self-portrait

How about a little bromance, Scarecrow?

Shakin' their groove thang for the "Spotlight" dance

CAKE...on a steeeeck!!! Nom Nom Nom

The entire motley crew of near-do-wells
Now pay the bill and get the Hell out, Round Eye

Thus ends the irreverent beginnings to a new decade. I could not think of a better way to celebrate my Large Marge birthday than surrounded by these folks. The only thing missing from the frivolity was my Geo.

So to all my friends, family and assorted associates...thank you from the bottom of my restless heart for your well wishes, your love, your support, your hugs and your irrepressible immaturity that makes my world go round. Life would be oh-so dull without you all. (Dude...that rhymes!)

Special thanks to Beets for managing the madness.

You guys ROCK!! I love you, Man!


Cindy Royal said...

Looks like it was a fun day. Keep celebrating the rest of the month. Heck, we'll celebrate when you're here in March...

demoncat said...

glad you had a blast with good friend to make your special day though had you pegged at somewhere in your early forties or maybe 39 happy aniversry of your birth

Murray said...

It was a FABULOUS day, Cindy!! Deal. We'll take this party on the road to Tejas in March. :D

Murray said...

Demoncat... you are a DEAR!