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Monday, January 25, 2010

What Would Pope Benedict Tweet?
or the Popester... embracing social media?!?

Okay, so I think the Apocalypse is nigh. Seriously.

The Pope put out a statement to priests that they must now start blogging and Facebooking to connect with the younger types, as reported in the uber-hip, trend-citing site, Mashable.

No word as to when the Pontiff will open his own Twitter account--I think WWJT (What Would Jesus Tweet) would be a sweet handle for him or maybe PBPopeyPope--but I look forward to the day Ole Benny XVI sports a "Which Mad Men Character Are You?" Avatar.

They're also looking into developing Catholic-specific, "Get Into Heaven Free" iPhone Apps. Social Media fueled Religion. Bizarro World, man.

"Need to work off some indulgences? Yeah... We got an App for that."

1 comment:

demoncat said...

this just shows the power of sociel networking is so great that even the pope is using it or at least having priests use it to get new worshipers though the pope on facebook and twitter would be interesting given how many lanquages he speaks. he would set a new social networking record in friends alone