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Thursday, September 30, 2010

In Which I Weigh In On A Couple Of New TV Offerings

Okay, so it's September again which means it's time to weed through the barrage of new Network offerings designed to keep my already expanding bottom firmly planted in the permanent butt indent on our couch.

I make it a general rule not to get involved in new hour-long programs unless it is the absolute-coolest-thing-ever-created-and-if-you-miss-it-you-will-be-out-of-the-social-loop-and-mercilessly-persecuted-for-your-entire-miserable-life kind of good. Ergo I lean toward half hour pablum. It's just easier to squeeze into the framework of my pathetic existence.

That verbosely said, Geo and I watched two new Fox offerings, Raising Hope starring Martha Plimpton and the ever incredible Cloris Leachman as the passive/aggressive nightmarish Maw Maw and Running Wilde featuring Will Arnet, David Cross and a grown up Felicity, Keri Russell minus the curly-cue locks. I always loved her and her corkscrew mane.

Let me just say off the top that we liked both of these shows... a lot. We laughed out loud enough to warrant an old school, long-form spelling out of this phrase instead of the usual mod abbreviation. I know. Crazy, right? OMG
Raising Hope the white trash way

Raising Hope centers around the trials and travails of Jimmy who becomes a 25-year-old single parent to an infant whose mother he had a one-night stand with after she ends up on death row. Okay, that description is completely ripped off from the IMDB synopsis. It says it all succinctly and frankly I'm too lazy to attempt a summation of my own. 

Don't judge me.

Anywho, Jimmy (who bares a striking resemblance to local musician, Bill Deasy) 
Lucas Neff from Raising Hope
Pittsburgh's own Bill Deasey
is the progeny of two feckless and reckless white trash parents who were teenagers at his hatching. Little Hope gives them all a chance at a cosmic Mulligan. Then there's crazy-ass Maw Maw who slips in and out of absurdity and awareness played brilliantly by Cloris Leachman. See. Wasn't IMDB's critique much more elegant?

The story is filled with witty dialog, craftily blending the ridiculous with heartwarming. The episode centered around a day care center owner with a dead tooth (referred to at one point as dente muerta) who dated Jimmy once two years prior and is, let's say, a little over enthusiastic about their relationship. One of the best lines was from the checkout girl to Jimmy trying to play down chicklet's affections. 

"You okay? You look like a kidnap victim. I feel I should ask you to hold up a newspaper with the date showing."

Did I mention how adorable the baby is? 
Seriously ADORABLE!!

OMG!! This baby is so beautiful she brings tears to my eyes. 
Is she not the most precious thing? 
I know. Tres sappy, but seriously! I just want to eat her up every time they show her. I have baby fever.
Look at those cheeks! Totally muchable!

Bottom line: Highly recommend. Set your DVR, bee-yatch! You can watch the first two episodes here.

According to IMDB, Running Wilde is about a Beverly Hills goof (Will Arnet) who falls for an environmental activist (Keri Russell). They were high school sweethearts before she ran off to the jungle to make the world a better place. She's back with a daughter and a fiance played by Arrested Development alum, David Cross. 

Steve (Will) isn't arrogant or evil, just really clueless, but sweet in his own sheltered way. Trying to convey the depth of his need for his man servant, Steve tearfully tells him 

"I will always need you. The last thing you'll see is my tear-stained face as I shovel dirt on yours."
Man Servant: "I'll see this?!?"

Fa'ad & Steve
Ha Ha! The humor is quick and subtle. You have to pay attention. Much like the dearly departed Arrested Development, Running Wilde has a couple great running gags. There's a huge, outfitted tree house in which Emmy (Keri) and her daughter live. The gag is conversation gets muddled and misconstrued when anyone stands underneath it, which leads to some funny bits. Another running guffaw centers around Steve's Persian friend, Fa'ad who sports this thick pile carpet like chest hair, exaggerated dulcet movie star voice and the inability to say the letter "V". He's hilarious.

You can watch the first episodes here

Again, Geo and I found ourselves laughing out loud during the 23:40 of fun. Best laugh track on either show. 

Bottom line: Highly recommend. You're DVR is going to be working overtime. 

Another great hour of comedy from the illustrious boob tube. Yay! More sitting on the couch stuffing my face. I can already feel my arse growing...

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